Clay Band

Be With You

The day has just begun on Sunday morning, the children they are sleeping in their room

I wander down the stairs still mostly dreaming, I wonder why the morning comes so soon

I catch your eyes across the breakfast table, you hold a cup of coffee in your hand

Your hair is slightly matted on the left side, you wonder why I’m smiling as I am

How can this really be, Oh I can’t believe, another day with you and me


I want to be with you when I’m older, to the end

I want to dance with you in the rain

I want to hold you tight when the sun is in the sky

I want to be with you in the night


The day is finally done and now I’m thinking of all the days that I have lived with you

It’s hard to understand that as we’re breathing there’s not another day we’re promised to

So I will stand and say, This ordinary day will be the one that I have dreamed


So forget about the things that just don’t matter, the fancy cars, the houses and the land

The loneliness that comes with cheap romances, the tales that leave you with an empty hand

Illusions all around- can’t help but wonder how they ever looked so real to me